Flying Colibri

flying colibri

Nice picture of a flying colibri photographed at the amazon river somewhere between the borderlines of ecuador, colombia, peru and brazil.

© stormcastle, Canstockphoto

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site was hacked

some days ago this blog was hacked. not funny. it seemed so, as if always all domains on this server had been hacked too. i made an upgrade to wp 3.1, but perhaps it was not wordpress that has been exploitet.

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Dandelion Clock

dandelion clock

© Photo by Axel Schuld (RĂ¼gen Magic), Germany

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flying bee and the dandelion

busy bee flying from dandelion to dandelion.

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In 1973 Asocolflores was created as a non-profit industry association. This was a reaction on the needs of exporters to join forces and defend their position in the world wide flower market. Among other things it was a response to seek integrated development of all aspects of the industry-production, technology, environmental and economic research, transport and general welfare for its workforce. In 1987 Colombian exporters and importers in Florida formed the Colombia Flower Council (CFC).

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homepage design

At the moment I am not sure whether we should change the design resp. the wordpress theme in order to tidy up this website. The generic theme is quite flexible, but pretty much standard. Will check StudioPress.

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World of flowers

Welcome to Colombian Flowers Weblog. This is the first blog post. And not the last. Looking for some pictures of flowers. Soon more.

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